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Poor quality automated online captions

There is an increasing amount of video content on the web being auto-captioned, but the vast majority of these captioned videos are not being reviewed for accuracy, readability or comprehensibility.

In the same way that any text document published online is reviewed and edited for accuracy, captioned content needs to be reviewed and edited for accuracy, readability and comprehensibility before being published on the web.

A sample of Australian Government-associated websites found a wide range of problems, ranging from video with no captions, video captions with minor misspellings and videos with completely incomprehensible captions.  Access to government information and services, political party policies and parliamentary member’s communications is an integral aspect of our democratic society.  When inaccurate captions bar access to this information people who rely on captions are at risk of being excluded from full economic, social and political participation.

What is captioning?

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