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Nominations will open soon for the 2014 election of directors of the board of Deafness Forum of Australia.

In this election, Association Members of Deafness Forum (these are organisations) may nominate an individual as a candidate for appointment to one of several positions that will become vacant at the end of October:

  • a parent (or guardian) representative
  • an ear disorder representative
  • a Deafblind or hearing impaired representative.

Individuals are not eligible to make nominations.

To learn more about the role of a director, visit the 'About Us' webpage and/or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Submissions to the government

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Teachers - do you use captions in the classroom? Captions assists all students in your class. Captions improve literacy skills. The cap that! captioned for learning national campaign can tell you how to set up captions in your classroom and use them effectively across all subject areas. Ω 

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Never too late to hear better is a video and manual for staff and volunteers in aged care facilities.


Communication Accessibility Guidelines for Meetings and Public Events is a guide for event organisers to ensure that events meet the communication needs of deaf and hearing impaired people to allow them full participation at various functions

Hearing Augmentation Systems - A Signage Guide for architects, building designers, project managers, building surveyors, venue managers and audio-visual integrators

Hear Here cards - make your statement about excessive noise in public places

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Hearing fact sheets

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Organisations that can help you

National Disability Insurance Scheme