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The peak national body representing the interests of Australians who are concerned with the quality of their hearing and the effects it has on their lives and the people around them.

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Audiology at the Cutting Edge: Shaping Your Future

The Audiology Australia 2020 Conference in Perth, ‘Audiology at the Cutting Edge: Shaping Your Future’ will bring audiologists and other professionals together to forge a proactive and positive approach to the future, by sharing and expanding current knowledge, skills...

Help fix Disability Royal Commission submission form

To help people provide information to the Disability Royal Commission* a submission form was designed and released last year. But it soon became clear to Deafness Forum and others that the submission form had problems: the questions were too long and complicated not...

Parents vocal about hearing loss

Beth Leipholtz writes, Our three-month-old baby Cooper is profoundly deaf. When I heard that for the first time, when it became real to us, I was terrified. In retrospect, I think much of that fear stemmed from my lack of knowledge. I didn’t know what that diagnosis...

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