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The peak national body representing the interests of Australians who are concerned with the quality of their hearing and the effects it has on their lives and the people around them.

TODAY's POLL. Does it matter that listening to loud music will probably damage your hearing for life?

Latest news

The new Government must listen to 4 million Australians

We want the new Government to listen to 4 million Australians and make hearing health & wellbeing a national priority.   One in six Australians has a hearing issue of some kind – that’s almost four million people that have hearing loss, an ear and balance disorder...

Shop smart and use your right

New videos and guides are available to help consumers with disability understand their rights. These include: An educational video on how to shop smart and use your rights. Easy English educational video (with Casey and Reece) on how to shop smart. Fact sheet with a...

Help your learning reader by turning on TV captions

My husband and I like having the captions on while we’re watching a TV show so we can keep the volume down without missing any dialogue (writes Meghan Moravcik Walbert). Because of that, the captions are almost always on when my son takes over the TV — a fact that...

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