Training resources in hearing assistance in aged care services and hospitals

It’s never too late to hear better

Over 70 per cent of Australians aged over 70 have some hearing loss. This increases to around 85 per cent in residential aged care. However, staff of age care service providers and in hospitals are seldom adequately trained to assist.

An effective hearing assistance program benefits staff as well as those they care for and if performed systematically shouldn’t be time consuming.

These resources may also be useful for family carers and volunteers who support hearing impaired people in the community.

Free resources for hearing assistance training

  • Instructional video designed to fit within a 30-minute in-service session or for continuing professional development (CPD) purposes. Also, suitable for pre-service training. (new page under construction)
  • Online training equivalent to the above instructional video, incorporating multiple-choice quizzes. Certificate available if you complete it satisfactorily. This online training is hosted by HEARnet Learning.(HEARnet Learning is a service provided by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.)

    If you want to upload the online training program on your own Moodle compatible learning management system (LMS) see the pre-service education section below.

  • Offline training pack for face-to-face training of nurses and other care staff. Includes a questionnaire to reinforce learning from the instructional video.
  • Good Practice Guide provides extra reference material and suggestions for starting an effective hearing assistance program.

Free resources for staff implementing an effective hearing assistance program

  • Good Practice Guide provides extra reference material and suggestions for starting an effective hearing assistance program.
  • Poster Series designed to emphasise the use of appropriate communication techniques as part of a plan to improve hearing support in aged care and hospitals.

Free resources for pre-service education

  • Teaching-learning modules a series of four modules for teaching staff in Diploma of Nursing HLT54115, Certificate III in Individual Support CHC33015 and in Cert IV in Ageing Support CHC43015.
  • Moodle based unit is ideal for students before starting a work placement or for staff in-service training purposes where an organisation has a Moodle compatible LMS or has downloaded a free Moodlecloud.Where a Moodle compatible LMS is not available see online training unit available through HEARnet Learning. See training resource above.

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