March: World Hearing Day in Australia

The World Hearing Forum (Deafness Forum Australia is a member) has launched a website under the banner ‘Ear and hearing care for all!’.

The website contains powerful stories of high-profile supporters and everyday changemakers – people from around the world living with hearing loss. We hope their stories will help generate awareness while driving action on hearing loss.

Did you know there are 4 million Australians living with hearing loss?
And this figure is predict
ed to increase to almost 9 million by 2050 as the population ages.

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World Hearing Day in Australia is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness of how to prevent deafness and hearing loss, and to promote better ear protection and health across the world.Hearing loss costs the Australian economy more than $15 billion a year. Then there’s the personal cost that we can’t put a dollar figure on.

Hearing is vital for people’s communication abilities, quality of life, social participation, and health.

The prevalence of hearing loss will rise considerably in coming decades due to changing population demographics, increasing exposure to risk factors such as recreational noise, and persistence of untreated ear conditions such as otitis media.

Many of the causes that lead to hearing loss are preventable. In children, 60% of hearing loss can be prevented through public health strategies. Those who have hearing loss can greatly benefit from timely and appropriate interventions. Effective implementation of proven strategies to prevent hearing loss and rehabilitation of those with irreversible impairments require a number of public health measures to be put in place, including the integration of high-quality, ear and hearing care services into national health systems.

What is World Hearing Day?

World Hearing Day is the largest global awareness campaign on ear and hearing care that calls for action to address hearing loss.

World Hearing Day aims to:

  • Promote public health actions for ear and hearing care
  • Stimulate intersectoral partnership for ear and hearing care
  • Raise awareness on hearing loss and care at national and community levels across the world
  • Encourage behaviour change towards healthy EHC practices.

World Hearing Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of ear and hearing care in people’s minds, in the world’s media, and on the global health agenda.

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More information is available on the WHO website.