Our complaints policy

Anyone is free to raise their concerns with us and we will work to resolve them. It could be something which you feel is unfair, discriminatory, or is not in line with our policy.

Whenever possible, we will resolve any complaints or grievances through discussion between those involved.

We will work to provide a fair resolution process and we will make our decisions with care, privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

Type and nature of grievances

This is our formal policy and it applies to any matter in which you believe you have been, or will be, treated unfairly or inconsistently by the organisation, a member, director, staff or contractor.

The policy covers grievances raised in relation to equity and diversity, sexual harassment and anti-discrimination issues defined by the law.

If you have a grievance


Governance Committee Chairperson
Deafness Forum Australia

The Governance Committee Chairperson will reply within 14 working days of receiving your complaint. They will respond directly, or through a nominated representative, to let you know their decision and to recommend any further discussions between those involved; or to let you know that they will be referring the matter to a meeting of our board. Depending on the type of complaint, an external person may be brought in to help find a resolution.

If you are not happy with the response, you can appeal the decision in writing within 14 working days of receiving the response. The appeal letter should be addressed to the Governance Committee Chairperson at the address above.

The Governance Committee Chairperson, or their delegate, will let you know the steps in the process, or of a decision, within 14 working days of making the decision. The decision will be final.


Why does it take time to consider complaints and respond? Because members of our board are volunteers and need reasonable time to balance their board duties with professional and personal commitments.

If the Governance Committee Chairperson or a director(s) of Deafness Forum is the subject of a complaint, the organisation’s conflict of interest rules will apply and the individual will not take part in discussions on the matter. A Code of Conduct and Ethics bind our board, you can find this on the Our people page.