Am I eligible for a free Hearing Aid from the Government?

Am I eligible to receive fully subsidised hearing services?

Eligibility checker

You can check your eligibility  You should check your eligibility prior to making an appointment with an audiologist.

I’m not eligible – where can I get help?

If after using the eligibility checker you are not eligible, but require assistance you may be able to have a hearing aid fitted at a reduced cost through a hearing aid bank.

I’m not eligible – how can I ask for a reconsideration?

Information has been prepared on how to request a reconsideration of a decision, and the circumstances under which a reconsideration can be made.

For all enquiries please e-mail

Telephone enquiries please call 1800 500 726

National Relay Service (NRS) 1800 555 660

Download and read  How do I apply for free hearing services?

Next Steps I’m eligible – How do I apply?

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Read More I’m not eligible – How do I ask for a Reconsideration?

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