First Nations Roundtable – official communique.

Deafness Forum Australia hosted a roundtable meeting with a select group of influential stakeholders with a shared aim of helping to address the ear care and hearing health disparities in First Nations communities.

The Roundtable, in March 2024 in Canberra, was facilitated by Prof Kelvin Kong AM, an eminent ear, nose and throat surgeon and ardent social advocate.

During our Roundtable, we discussed pivotal aspects of healthcare access and delivery, focusing on the challenges. Key actions and ideas emerged. See and download the photographs.

From the Roundtable, an official communique was created: Meeting Communique – Addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Hearing Healthcare MAR-2024

To augment the communique, we prepared a report that aligns the Roundtable outcomes with Closing The Gap Agreement priorities and the Roadmap for Hearing Health: Aligning Strategies with National Priorities – Roundtable Indigenous Hearing Healthcare MAR-2024.

In March, our national newsletter was a tribute to the talent, resilience and wisdom of Aboriginal Women in Hearing Healthcare and Advocacy. You can download and read this special edition of One in Six.