National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS access requirements for people with hearing disability.  People are confused by information on the NDIS website and in social media about the eligibility of people with hearing loss and deafness.  Read our plain language explanation here

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Changes to Hearing Services Program

The Department of Health is looking at making changes to the Hearing Services Program and the Voucher Scheme to make what is says will be a sustainable, client and outcomes focused approach to delivering hearing support. We examine the report’s 13 recommendations in detail here

Inquiry into the Hearing Health and Wellbeing of Australia: Still waiting to be heard

A national inquiry into the Hearing Health and Wellbeing of Australia has concluded and its report is now available.  Among many recommendations in the inquiry report - "The Committee recommends that hearing health is made a National Health Priority Area."

Read Deafness Forum's plain language translation summary here

Read the original report here

Hearing services in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

A Parliamentary committee held a series of public hearings in 2017 to hear from people about Hearing services in the NDIS.  This new report said in its introduction, “Some extremely concerning issues have emerged and need to be resolved…”

Read Deafness Forum's plain language translation summary here

Read the original report here


We want hearing health and wellbeing to become a national health priority in Australia.

Until this happens, there vwill not be adequate investment in the services and research that we need.  It also means there is not a focus on community education.  It’s a barrier that is preventing too many Australians from reaching their potential.

Break the Sound Barrier is a public campaign  uniting our entire sector for a common cause - to make hearing a national priority.  The campaign has a website and Facebook page.  Its aim is to tell our stories and share our experiences to get hearing on the national agenda.  The long term goal is for state and the federal governments agreeing to make hearing Australia’s 10th national health priority.

Be part of the movement to Break the Sound Barrier!  Now it’s time to tell everyone why you are a supporter.  Sign up to the campaign to Break the Sound Barrier

Tenille, Hamish and Angus want to break the sound barrier.