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Read about the impacts of the government's planned sale of Australian Hearing on children and families, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, adults with complex needs and the future of hearing research in Australia.  Take the link


From the chairman of Deafness Forum

In recent months I have been fortunate to meet many member organisations and individuals to listen to their opinions about the future role of Deafness Forum of Australia. 

It was clear that what is needed is a game-changing strategy on behalf of the 4 million people who experience hearing difficulties.

We will focus on a campaign to make Hearing, the 10th National Health Priority in Australia - alongside cardiovascular health, diabetes, obesity and other priority conditions and diseases.

Hearing is one of the nation’s biggest health issues, but it is widely misunderstood, frequently overlooked, neglected and forgotten.

So, we’ve begun the national conversation and it’s not about a “fix”.

We believe we can create a public campaign that considers all aspects of our large and diverse constituency.  Each of us may have our own ideas on what the priorities are and what can be achieved from the “Make It Number 10” campaign. 

I invite you, your family, friends, colleagues and organisations to come on board.

This is about a landmark change to the way hearing issues are perceived and addressed in Australia.

Let’s be ambitious, take a new approach, persevere and play the long game to win.

Best wishes
David Brady