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12 year-old Watson Gebadi, from South West Rocks, NSW got the surprise of his life, when award-winning country singer, Troy Cassar-Daley, dropped by his school during Hearing Awareness Week, to sing to him and to thank him in person on behalf of Australian Hearing.

Australian Hearing Port Macquarie, who has been supporting Watson for 8 years, discovered Watson was wanting to fundraise for charity and increase hearing awareness at his school during Hearing Awareness Week.  Watson had said he wanted to ‘give back’ to Australian Hearing for the support they had shown him and his family.

To thank Watson for his kindness of spirit, Australian Hearing secretly sent its newly appointed ambassador, Troy Cassar-Daley, to surprise him, his school and parents, during school assembly time, where they were learning about hearing care from Australian Hearing.  Troy performed his hits on stage and thanked Watson for his kindness of spirit and bravery shown.


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Nominations close at the end of business on Friday 3 October 2014 for the election of directors of the board of Deafness Forum of Australia.

Are you a candidate to be a future?

  • parent representative
  • ear disorder representative
  • service provider representative

Find all the information at Nominations for the Board of Deafness Forum  



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