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Get Help With Your Hearing
The Australian Government has created a national awareness campaign to encourage people with untreated or developing hearing loss (aged 50–70 years) to proactively manage their hearing health.

Hearing loss is common among Australians, with 1 in 6 people experiencing some form of difficulty hearing. Left untreated, hearing loss can affect mental and physical health and have a big impact on everyday life. That’s why it’s important to think about hearing in the same way you think about other aspects of your health.

Many Australians with hearing loss do not seek treatment but help is available. Having a hearing test can help to detect the early signs of hearing loss, so you can keep your hearing healthy for longer. Hearing aids are not the only treatment for hearing loss. Following a hearing check, a range of management options may be discussed including communication strategies, assistive listening devices and phone apps.

If you are concerned about your hearing, or the hearing of someone you love, book a hearing check today. Talk to your health professional or visit for more information.

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We prepared six social media posts that you can use to support the campaign throughout 2023.

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  • Fact sheets, posters, and videos about hearing health
  • Information about managing hearing loss
  • Tips for talking to people with hearing loss
  • Tips for communicating when you have hearing loss
  • Information for health care settings
  • Infographics
    • Testing pathways for hearing loss
    • Ways to manage hearing loss

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Book a hearing check
If you are concerned about your hearing or are experiencing hearing loss, a test by a hearing care professional can help determine the type of hearing loss and how much it has progressed. Take this link.