14 Years of Inspiring Advocacy and Leadership.

David Brady, Chair of Deafness Forum Australia, has announced his retirement after 14 transformative years at the organisation.

His departure marks the end of an era of significant achievements and lasting impact in the field of hearing health and deafness advocacy.

David Brady’s tenure, which will officially conclude in November 2024, leaves behind a legacy of passionate advocacy and substantial policy and community engagement advancements.

Brady’s advocacy efforts also led to establishing the Parliamentary Inquiry into Hearing Health, culminating in the influential ‘Waiting To Be Heard’ report, which paved the way for Australia’s Roadmap for Hearing Health.

“Our efforts have not only maintained Deafness Forum Australia as a key player in the community sector,” Brady states proudly, reflecting on the significant role the organisation plays in mainstreaming hearing loss and ear health policies in Australia.

“My 14 years as Chair of Deafness Forum Australia were served voluntarily. I have dedicated myself to elevating our member organisations, enabling their members to have a voice, and laying solid foundations in the Disability and Health sectors,” he said.

His commitment was supported by the incredible efforts of Board Directors, staff, and members from more than 40 member organisations.

David Brady’s retirement marks the end of an era, but he remains confident that the groundwork laid during his tenure will continue to foster advocacy and change.

“I am proud to be leaving the voices of the one in six Australians affected by hearing loss much stronger in policymaking now and for the future,” he concludes, looking forward to the organisation’s continued success and impact.

You can watch David’s video announcement.