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Free info webinars about Tinnitus

Videos that will help you understand and give you options to address Tinnitus. These webcasts are provided by Tinnitus U.K., a charitable organisation that offers advice and resources about tinnitus. There are several free videos about tinnitus > Free webinars. There are other videos here that can be purchased (the cost is under 3 pounds […]

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Do captions help people participate in face-to-face meetings?

They sure do. Captions can be incredibly helpful in face-to-face meetings. Try this. Sit in a meeting with more than 3 people around a table. Put your fingers in your ears but not so far as to hurt your eardrums. Now you can appreciate why captions in face-to-face meetings are so important to many people. […]

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As hearing aids technology continues to develop, there has been debate about what is “the best” form of wireless connection in public venues for hearing augmentation. On the one hand, there are hearing loops and on the other Bluetooth. Let’s understand more about their differences and the pros and cons. A hearing aid with a […]

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Deafness Forum acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, community, sea, and waters where we live and work. We pay respect to elders past, present and future and value the contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make in our society. We acknowledge the challenge for Indigenous leaders and families […]

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Causes impacts prevention identification management

Key facts Hearing loss is the most common disability of adulthood. More than 450 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss (1), and 34 million of these are children. Disabling hearing loss refers to hearing loss greater than 40dB in the better hearing ear in adults and a hearing loss greater than 30dB in the […]

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National Preventive Health Strategy

Preventive health action is the key to achieving a healthier Australia by 2030. Avoidable hearing loss and a reluctance to seek professional help when hearing is fading represent an enormous social and economic cost to Australia. For all Australians, there is immense value in being healthy and maintaining health right across one’s life course, from […]

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