Tools for children and adults to manage hearing loss

Tools for adults

While hearing care professionals are experts in audiology, people with hearing loss are experts about their own hearing challenges. That’s why it’s necessary for hearing care professionals to involve people with hearing loss in their own care to achieve the best outcomes.

Ida Institute – a not for profit international organisation – has tools to help people with hearing loss prepare for their appointments with an audiologist; and strategies to manage daily life more easily.

Deafness Forum is a member of Ida Institute and supports its vision for person-centred care delivered by empathetic professionals; and of informed consumers who understand, value and expect person-centred care from their service providers.

The tools assist people with hearing loss in voicing challenges and priorities more clearly and upfront in the appointment with their hearing care professional.

The appointment can then more immediately focus on what is most important to the people with hearing loss.

By being prompted to think about and articulate their individual needs, the people with hearing loss become more aware of difficult environments, coping needs, and the effect of their hearing loss on loved ones.

All these tools can be accessed for free at the Ida Institute’s website

Prepare for Your First Appointment

Prepare for your first appointment with a hearing care professional by organising your thoughts, feelings, and priorities.

Prepare for Your Follow-up

Think about what questions you would like to ask and who else you would like to involve in your treatment.

Everyday Life with Hearing Loss

Explore these tips and tricks to make hearing and communication easier in different real world situations.

Manage Your Tinnitus

Use our tinnitus resources to learn the basics about tinnitus and to describe exactly how it affects you.

Managing Hearing Loss at Work

Use these resources to make your workplace more hearing loss friendly.

Tools that help children and young adults with their hearing loss

My Turn to Talk for Parents

Enable parents of children with hearing loss to identify and address issues and concerns that are important to them.

Suitable for:

First Appointment, Follow-up Appointment, In the Appointment.

Teens and Tweens

Enable young people to express their needs and formulate communication strategies to self-manage their hearing loss.

Suitable for:

First Appointment, Follow-up Appointment, In the Appointment, Everyday Life.

Growing Up with Hearing Loss

Videos, quizzes, and recommendations to help families navigate different transitions from infancy to high school and beyond.

Suitable for:

Follow-up Appointment, In the Appointment, Everyday Life.

Find all these free tools at the Ida Institute’s website