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Our members

Deafness Forum’s members

For reasons of privacy, we do not publish the names of our individual members, except for office-bearers and Honorary Life Members.
This is a list of organisations that are members of Deafness Forum.

o ACT Deafness Resource Centre
o Audiology Australia
o Audiometry Nurses Association of Australia
o Aussie Deaf Kids
o Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf (AATD Vic)
o Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
o Better Hearing Australia Brisbane
o Better Hearing Australia Canberra
o Better Hearing Australia Central Coast
o Better Hearing Australia National
o Better Hearing Australia Victoria
o CICADA Australia
o Clearasound
o Cochlear Limited
o Deaf Advocacy Sport & Recreation ACT
o Deaf Society NSW
o Deaf Sports Australia
o Deafness Council of Western Australia
o Ear Science Institute Australia
o EARtrack
o First Voice Australasia
o GN Resound
o Guide Dogs Assoc of SA & NT
o Hear and Say Centre for Deaf Children
o Hear For You
o Hearing Australia
o Hearing Matters Australia
o Independent Audiologists Australia
o MED-EL Implant Systems
o Centre for Inclusive Design
o National Association of Australian Teachers of the Deaf
o National Hearing Care
o NextSense (Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children)

o Oticon Australia
o Pacific Retail Solutions
o Parents of Deaf Children
o Phonak
o Princess Alexandra Hospital Audiology Department
o Quota Campbelltown
o Quota Illawarra
o Shepherd Centre
o Sivantos
o Sonova Australia
o St Dominic’s Centre for Hearing Impaired Children
o Sydney Opera House
o Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre for Children
o UsherKids Australia

Deafness Forum’s network

…reaches beyond its membership. Deafness Forum is an active member of:
o World Hearing Forum, a global network of stakeholders promoting ear and hearing care is hosted by the World Health Organization
o Australia’s Hearing Health Sector Alliance
o NDIS CEO Forum
o Disability Support Services Committee (Department of Social Services)
o Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
o Aviation Access Forum (Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government)
o Australian Electoral Commission Disability Advisory Committee
o Museum of Australian Democracy Disability Reference Group
o Standards Australia Committee FP002 (Fire detection)
o Transport for NSW Accessible Transport Advisory Committee
o ACCAN Standing Committee on Disability Issues

Deafness Forum created

for the entire sector, through the work of its chair David Brady:
o Federal Parliamentary Friends of Hearing Health and Deafness
o Parliamentary Friendship Group for Hearing Health and Deafness