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New inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Scheme >

The Federal Government’s Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is conducting a new inquiry into the current Scheme implementation and forecasting for the NDIS.

The committee wishes to publicise its work as widely as possible and has asked Deafness Forum to alert people and organisations within our membership and broader network. The committee is inviting contributions from any interested person or organisation.

More information about this committee is available at

The committee has set two closing dates for submissions: 29 October 2021 for consideration in an interim report, and a second submission closing date of 28 February 2022 for consideration in a final report.

The committee will inquire into and report on current scheme implementation and forecasting for the NDIS, with particular reference to:

  • the impact of boundaries of NDIS and non-NDIS service provision on the demand for NDIS funding
  • interfaces of NDIS service provision with other non-NDIS services provided by the States, Territories and the Commonwealth, particularly aged care, health, education and justice services
  • reasons for variations in plan funding between NDIS participants with similar needs
  • how the NDIS is funded
  • measures intended to ensure the financial sustainability of the NDIS (e.g. governance, oversight and administrative measures)
  • ongoing measures to reform the scheme
  • any other related matters.