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Lessons from juggling parenting, caring and work in COVID >

Lessons for the post-COVID workplace.

A significant proportion of the workforce is balancing parenting and/or caring responsibilities.

However, traditional workplace structures have failed to keep up with workers’ attempts to balance work and family life and leave behind outdated, gendered divisions of ‘breadwinner’ and ‘home-maker’.

The rapid – and enduring – transformation of work brought about by the pandemic shone a light on the pressures experienced by working parents and carers and revealed opportunities to rebuild more inclusive workplaces that support all workers to flourish.

At the peak of the pandemic, the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission surveyed and interviewed Victorian workers aged 18+ years, who are parents, carers and/or have a disability, to better understand how COVID-19 transformed approaches to flexible work.

This is what was learned: download Parents and carers – Lessons for the post-COVID workplace