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International Day of Sign Languages: 23 September >

Deaf people all around the globe collectively use more than 300 sign languages.

They are natural languages that are structurally different from spoken languages. Observance of the International Day of Sign Languages helps spread awareness about sign languages and their importance in ensuring the inclusion of Deaf people.

The day emphasises that sign languages deserve equal status to the spoken languages not only in theory but in practice too. The observance plays a significant role in safeguarding the right of the Deaf community. It also helps preserve the unique ‘Deaf culture’ behind different sign languages.

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[Image: Maleni Chaitoo, representative of the International Disability Alliance using sign language.]

The International Week of the Deaf is celebrated annually by the global Deaf Community in the last full week of September.

This year’s theme is “Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities”.

Emma from The Wiggles signs a friendly greeting

The International Week of the Deaf is a time of various activities by Deaf Communities all around the world. These activities and events welcome the participation of all members of deaf communities, which include families of deaf people, professional and accredited sign language interpreters, peers, as well as the involvement of various stakeholders such as national governments, national and international human rights organizations, and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities.

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[Image: Emma from The Wiggles signs a friendly greeting.]