How Deafness Forum will operate during this pandemic

Members and friends, we wanted to give you a report on how Deafness Forum is operating in this current health emergency.

We will keep our communication channels open but we can’t know the effect of increased demand on Australia’s NBN. Our IT provider has plans in place to fix any bugs that might occur.

Our accounting firm has made arrangements to pay bills so that our creditors are not disadvantaged.

We have contacted our funders.

We ask that our volunteers and representatives on various government committees and community groups follow the directions of these organisations but put their individual health and wellbeing first.

We will reduce or avoid face to face meetings and travel.

Our board members are sensible and experienced people practised in directing the organisation from a distance, via regular reports and board committees which focus on key areas such as finance & audit.

This week, the board introduced an Epidemic-Pandemic policy and procedure that will guide our operation in the months ahead.

Unless there are specific messages from credible sources for the people we advocate for, we will no longer promote information about the Coronavirus. There is too much information out there and we don’t want to add to the confusion.

These are, I hope reasonable and necessary arrangements for the organisation.

But mainly, our thoughts are with you and your family.

Best wishes
Steve Williamson
Deafness Forum of Australia