The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to people with a permanent and significant disability to access the supports and services they need.

Am I eligible for the NDIS?

  • Are you aged between 7 and 65?
  • Do you live in Australia and have Australian residency?
  • Do you usually need support from another person?
  • Do you use special equipment?

Visit the eligibility checklist on the NDIS website.

About 5% of people eligible for the NDIS have a primary disability of hearing impairment: this includes people whose first language is Auslan.

NDIS Hearing Stream

The perspectives of participants, parents & carers and providers

Report to the National Disability Insurance Agency by Deafness Forum of Australia, July 2019 (download)

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) commissioned Deafness Forum Australia to form a Community of Practice-Hearing Stream comprising representatives of NDIS participants, families & carers and sector providers to investigate best practice: what is working well, what is not working well, where are the barriers, where are the risks, where are the opportunities?

To commence this project, a workshop was held at the Australian Hearing Hub in Sydney on 1 March 2019. In the months that followed to the end of June, workshops, teleconferences and out of session discussions were held on specific topics nominated by the NDIA, vis:

  • Children learning Auslan
  • Best practice for early intervention including options for mode of communication
  • NDIS Access requirements
  • Interpreter availability, market gaps, communication assistance
  • Hearing devices and rehabilitation
  • Deafblindness
  • Family & carer perspective

Reports on each of these seven topics investigated were the subjects of this report.

A key finding throughout the report was the importance of Informed Choice and Decision Making.

In relation to children,

  • it was recognised that ultimately, decision-making authority rests with the family
    • Professionals must collaborate with families to support their abilities to exercise this authority.
  • given the disparity among the different approaches, parents need access to balanced information from an unbiased source in order to make an informed decision on the mode of communication they want their child to use
    • professionals must adopt open and flexible policies that effectively endorse a range of communication possibilities

Community of Practice

Community of Practice members were experts in their respective fields within the sector: persons living with disability and their representative organisations are regarded as being expert. Individuals representing the members of the Community of Practice were at the most senior levels: CEOs, managing directors, executive officers, chairpersons and topic/program managers who were nominated by their organisation’s senior officer.

1 ABLE Australia VIC
2 ABLE Australia VIC
3 Access Plus (formerly WA Deaf Society) WA
4 Australian Sign Language Interpreters Assn NSW
5 Audiology Australia VIC
6 Aussie Deaf Kids NSW
7 Aussie Deaf Kids NSW
8 Australian Hearing (renamed Hearing Australia) NSW
9 Australian Hearing (renamed Hearing Australia) NSW
10 Better Hearing Australia VIC
11 Can:Do Group SA
13 Cochlear Ltd NSW
14 Deaf Children Australia VIC
15 Deaf Society NSW
16 Deaf Society NSW
17 Deafblind Australia VIC
18 Deafblind Australia NSW
19 Deafblind Association NSW NSW
20 Deafblind Association NSW NSW
21 Deafblind Newcastle NSW
22 Deafdblind Victoria VIC
23 Deafdblind Victoria VIC
24 Deafblind West Australia WA
25 Deafness Council Western Australia WA
26 Deafness Forum Australia NSW
27 Deafness Forum Australia NSW
28 Deaf Services QLD
29 Deaf Services QLD
30 Deaf Services QLD
31 Expression Australia VIC
32 First Voice QLD
33 Hear For You NSW
34 Hearing Business Alliance NSW
35 Hearing Business Alliance NSW
36 Hearing Care Industry Association NSW
37 Hearing Care Industry Association NSW
38 Hearing Matters Australia NSW
39 Independent Audiologists Australia NSW
40 Independent Audiologists Australia NSW
41 Melbourne Polytechnic VIC
42 National Hearing Care VIC
43 National Hearing Care VIC
48 Parents of Deaf Children NSW
49 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
50 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
51 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
52 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
53 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
54 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
55 Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children NSW
56 Senses Australia WA
57 Senses Australia WA
58 Shenton College Deaf Education Centre WA WA
59 Speech Pathology Australia VIC
60 Speech Pathology Australia VIC
61 Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre and CICADA NSW
62 The Shepherd Centre NSW
63 Usher Kids Australia VIC
64 Usher Kids Australia VIC
65 Victorian Deaf Education Institute VIC