Disability Education review: report

Warm thanks to all our members & friends who were interested in contributing their views to the Government’s Review of the Disability Standards for Education.

The Review’s final report is now available on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website. It is accompanied by a short summary document that outlines how the Review was undertaken, what the Review found and what it recommends. This summary document is available in Auslan, Easy Read, and 11 community languages.

The Australian Government will work closely with state and territory governments and education authorities to implement recommendations. Changes will be made with help and advice from people with disability and educators, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability.

The Government has committed to publicly reporting each year on progress against implementing the Review’s recommendations. This will make it clear to the community what actions have been taken and where further work is required.

Read the Report at https://www.dese.gov.au/disability-standards-education-2005/2020-review-disability-standards-education-2005