Accessibility and affordability of hearing-related services

This is compulsory reading for hearing care professionals concerned about accessibility and affordability of hearing-related service.

In March 2019 we told you about two studies in the U.S. add to the growing body of evidence demonstrating hearing loss is linked to several common, adverse conditions in older adults.

In the first study, researchers examined the association of age-related hearing loss with dementia, depression, accidental falls, nonvertebral fractures, heart attacks and stroke.  They found that adults with age-related hearing loss were significantly associated with an increased 10-year risk of dementia, depression, falls and heart attack.

In the second study, researchers looked at the relationship between hearing loss of adult onset and overall healthcare costs per individual.  In their study they found an association between untreated hearing loss and higher healthcare costs and a higher risk for hospital readmission.

A summary of the studies is at