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Honorary Life Members

Mr John Bartlett
Dr Harry Blackmore AM
Mrs Ruth Fotheringham
Mrs Diana Hodgetts
Mr Alex Jones
Mr Peter Lindley
Mr Robert Quail AM
Mrs Margaret Robertson
Mr Brian Rope OAM
Dr Jenny Rosen AM
Mr Andrew Stewart

Mrs Cath Bonnes AM (dec. 2016)
Mr Stan Batson (dec. 2017)
Dr Victor Bear AM (dec. 2017)

Individual Consumer Members

Deafness Forum of Australia does not publish the names of its individual consumer members.

Organisation members

ACT Deafness Resource Centre
Audiology Australia
Aussie Deaf Kids
Australian Communication Exchange
Australian Deafblind Council
Australian Hearing
Australian Tinnitus Association
Better Hearing Australia ACT
Better Hearing Australia Brisbane
Better Hearing Australia Central Coast
Better Hearing Australia National
Better Hearing Australia Sunshine Coast
Better Hearing Australia Victoria
Catholic Education Office Sensory Impairment Program
CICADA Australia
CICADA Queensland
Cochlear Limited
Conexu Foundation
Cora Barclay Centre
Deaf Advocacy Sport & Recreation ACT (DeafACT)
Deaf Children Australia
Deaf Services Queensland
Deaf Society of NSW
Deafness Council of NSW
Deafness Council Western Australia
Deafness Foundation
Group Technologies Australia
Guide Dogs Association SA.NT
Independent Audiologists Australia
Media Access Australia/Centre for Inclusive Design
Methodist Ladies College
National Relay Service
Parents of Deaf Children
Parents of Hearing Impaired SA
Princess Alexandra Hospital Audiology Department
Quota International Campbelltown
Quota International of Moss Vale
Quota International of the Leisure Coast
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
SHHH Australia
St Dominic's Centre for Hearing Impaired Children
Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre for Children WA
The Captioning Studio Pty Ltd
The Shepherd Centre
Tinnitus SA
Victorian Deaf Education Institute
WA Foundation for Deaf Children
Whirled Foundation
Word of Mouth Technology

Membership structure

There are four classes of full membership:

  • Consumers
  • Consumer Associations
  • Service Providers
  • Service Provider Associations

And a class of Associate members


Consumer means an adult who is Deaf or has a hearing impairment or has a chronic ear disorder; or a parent of such a person.

  • Chronic Ear Disorder refers to such disorders of the ear as tinnitus, Meniere’s Disease, Acoustic Neuroma, hyperacusis and recruitment. People with some such ear disorders may also have a hearing impairment.
  • Deaf refers to people who see themselves as members of the Auslan-using Deaf community by virtue of its language (Auslan) and culture.
  • Hearing Impairment refers to a hearing loss. People with a hearing impairment (or who are hard of hearing) may communicate orally (sometimes described as ‘oral deaf’) or may use a sign language or other communication methods

All Consumers are entitled to describe themselves using whatever terminologies they prefer, and are asked to do so at the time of joining and each time they renew their membership.

Consumer Association

Consumer Association means an incorporated organisation of, or for, consumers (as defined above).

Service Provider

Service Provider means an adult who provides services that promote the well being of people who are consumers (as defined above). Examples are audiologists, audiometrists, teachers of the deaf, stenocaptioners, Auslan interpreters, and ENT specialists. Service Providers also include various other occupations that provide services to consumers who are Deaf, have a hearing impairment or have a chronic disorder of the ear.

Any Consumer who is also a Service Provider may only join as a Consumer.

Service Provider Association

Service Provider Association means an incorporated organisation, which has (as its principal purpose) the provision of services that promote the wellbeing of consumers (as defined above).

Any Consumer Association that is also a Service Provider Association may only join as a Consumer Association.


This class of membership is open to individuals who have an interest in the sector and who support the objects and rules of Deafness Forum. Associate Members will not be registered as “full” members. They will not be entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting, ineligible to stand for nomination to the board of Deafness Forum Ltd., nor eligible for nomination for Life Membership.