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The Awards encourage better quality, frequency and wider use of captions on television, in cinemas, DVDs, theatres, events, in schools and in all public places. 

TV Captioning Award

The winner in 2014 was Foxtel pay-per-view

Foxtel’s achievement is outside the legal requirements, has immediately high levels of product and is a genuine alternative to DVD releases.   Clearly a planned, well-executed approach to dealing with the captioned audience.

Special mention to SBS for the FIFA World Cup coverage - a major effort commissioned by a public broadcaster and a very comprehensive coverage, again thinking about audience needs first and foremost. 

Roma Wood OAM Community Award

An award named in honour of a pioneer in campaigning for captioning who was instrumental in establishing programs to assist people with acquired hearing loss. It recognises an individual who has made significant contributions towards the advancement of captioning in Australia.

The winner in 2014 was Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy is a long-standing advocate for captioning for kids, with a never give up attitude - all hallmarks of a typical Roma Wood champion.

Captions for Kids Award

Awarded to an individual, school or organisation that has made a significant commitment to provide or promote captions for educational benefits for school-age students. 

The winner in 2014 was Victorian Deaf Education Institute

The Victorian Deaf Education Institute not only runs a systemic captioning program that is well-funded and supported, but there are other important elements, such as independent feedback on the quality and impact of the service.

Special mention to Shenton College from Perth, for having everything from materials in the classroom to teacher training videos captioned.

Online Captioning and Digital Innovation Award

Awarded to an organisation which has taken the initiative to consistently provide captions on a website or mobile app or which has used technology in an innovative way to enhance use or awareness of captions.

The winner in 2014 was e-Works

The E-works video player is an open-source product and a good innovation, so it can be used by any developer on their website – and it supports AD as well. 

Special mention to Yahoo Seven for being the first commercial catch up TV service to offer captions.

Organisational Commitment to Captions

This award is open to any organisation that has made a significant commitment to providing captions for internal and/or external stakeholders.

The winner in 2014 was The Nine Network

Nine focussed on prepared captioning as much as possible in its live programming across the network.

Special mention to St Stephens school in Perth for going the extra distance and making sure that all of its online content is captioned, including general school information.

Entertainment, Cinema & the Arts Award

Awarded to an organisation in the entertainment, cinema and the arts space that has made consistent efforts to provide and/or promote captioned performances, screenings or events.

The winner in 2014 was Regent Cinemas Ballarat Victoria

Regent Ballarat is an independent cinema in regional Australia offering open caption sessions on a regular basis.   This is good effort that shows its in tune with its community. 

Special mention to The Wiggles for captioning trailers, extras, and all parts of their DVDs.